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Storm report map of Belarus

The locations of lightnings from last two hours are displayed on the map. The map is refreshed every 5 minutes.

2021-06-20 UTC 15:10
Map of lightnings Belarus
  1. 15:10–15:00
    0–10 min

  2. 15:00–14:45
    10–25 min

  3. 14:45–14:30
    25–40 min

  4. 14:30–14:15
    40–55 min

  5. 14:15–14:00
    55–70 min

  6. 14:00–13:45
    70–85 min

  7. 13:45–13:30
    85–100 min

  8. 13:30–13:15
    100–115 min

Marking of time in which a lightning occurred.

Marking in the upper, left-hand corner of the map:

lightnings have been detected

no lightnings


  • Refresh automatically every 5 minutes (when window is active)
  • Display the names of main cities on the map
  • Display cities on the map (choose city to see name)
  • Show my position on the map

    Refresh automatically my position (leave unchecked if you change the position manually)

  • Display direction and speed of storm cloud movement on the map (km/h) (beta)
  • Display groups and intensity of lightings on the map (beta)

The source on atmospheric pressure discharges: blitzortung.org, blids.de.