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Storm alert e-mail messages

Frequent following of storms with the use of storm report maps is not convenient. In order to make things a little more convenient you can choose the system which sends an alert message via e-mail. This form enables you to select a location to be monitored round the clock.

What kind of information will I receive in an alert message?
The content of the message - apart from the basic information about the monitored location - consist of information on the number of lightnings and distance to the nearest discharge (including the direction from the location to the nearest discharge). It has to be noted, however, that information on lightnings (both published on the website and sent in message) is an approximated data. These information might be inaccurate or incomplete. For that reason the warning system might not respond in time.

Coordinates of the monitored location or a name of a town can be included in the form. Coordinates (DM) can be typed in or a point can be selected on the map (possible formats: 21°15' 21.15 21,15). In order to navigate easier selected location can be captioned and the radius option enables establishing the area to be monitored. The number of alert messages can be restricted by defining a frequency of receiving information. The option "minimal number of lightnings" it is possible to determine the number of discharges necessary to generate an alert message. Enter your e-mail address in the field "e-mail address" - alerts will be sent under this address.
If you have not received a message with activation link, check your SPAM folder for the missing message.
Instruction of the correct use of notifying option..
Additionally, thanks to the courtesy of Skywarn Polska/Polscy Łowcy Burz the notifying system was expanded by new notifying options: intense frost/heat, strong wind, heavy precipitation, storms and tornados. From now on weather reports issued by Skywarn Polska/Polscy Łowcy Burz can be received via e-mail. The option captioned "cancelled alerts / send notification about cancelled alert" enables you to be informed about the cancelled alert.
Location on the map
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Description of the location (optional)
  • Insert your description at the beginning subject of the alert message
E-mail address
Lightnings alerts
Hazard alerts
  • Frost
  • Heat
  • Wind
  • Precipitation
  • Storms
  • Tornados

  • Send a message if the date of a weather warning has changed
  • Cancelled alerts

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